Sunday, October 2, 2011


Dear Baby,

I'm thrilled, but also a little surprised. When some of the parents whose babies are in the NICU walk by and look at you, instead of smiling and continuing on to see their own child, they stop and stare.

Then they start remarking on how beautiful/adorable/cute you are. This is great, and I completely agree with them, but it's a little surprising that they seem to forget about their own babies for a second when they're in your presence! Even the parents with baby's that are sickly or struggling to keep their vitals in a normal range will stop to fawn over you! One couple even said you're perfect, and I couldn't agree more.

Unlike a lot of other preemies, you're in perfect proportion. You look like a regular, healthy newborn just shrunk down about 25%. You're obviously the prettiest baby in the NICU!

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