Sunday, October 16, 2011

Tummy Time

Dear Baby,

Today we had "Tummy Time". You're still very small, so I lay down, propped up a little, and hold you tummy down on my chest for now. We had a happy Tummy Time. At one point you kicked your little foot, and I said "Oh, are you kicking your foot?" I guess you thought you were in trouble because you started to fuss a little. I said, "No, no. It's ok. Those are your little toes. You can do whatever you want with your little toes." You liked that and did your silent laugh; so I said, "That's right. Those are Hailey's toes. Hailey can do anything she wants with her little toes." You smiled.

We cuddled and I talked to you and you had lots of smiles. Tummy Time was a success.

On another note, you're still a super smart baby. You're now able to identify when you're hungry versus when you just want to suck for comfort. When you want to suck, but you're not hungry, you squish your lips tightly together when Daddy or I offer you the bottle. When we switch and try your Choochee, you open your mouth just enough to slip the Choochee inside. When you're hungry, though, you'll open your mouth wide for the bottle. This makes it very easy for Daddy and I to learn the difference between your "I'm Hungry" cry and your "Choochee, please" cry.

Also, I was worrying that you weren't gaining any weight since you came home, but you definitely are. Just yesterday, Daddy and I found out that you're too big for your Preemie diapers now. You now wear full-term newborn diapers. Good growing!!

One more thing: Your bouncy chair is probably the best $30 Daddy and I have ever spent. You love it! We call it your Princess Throne. You love to sleep in it during the day, all tucked in with your blanket. Your Throne is in the Living Room, where Mommy and Daddy can keep an eye on you, but still do things around the apartment. You like having the TV on in the background for the happy noises. You're also already trying to reach for the toys that hang down on your Throne. You've been successful in connecting your hand to them once or twice. This is good progress in developing your eye-hand coordination. Daddy and I are impressed!

You're doing very well, Baby. Everyone is so happy that you're finally home, including you!

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