Saturday, October 8, 2011


Dear Baby,

Today I went to the NICU to drop off bottles and spend time with you (Daddy would have come too, but he works today). When I got there, your nurse gave me some amazing news! You no longer have to have your vitals monitored, which means we took the ECG/Respiration/Oxygen Level feeds off of you. You also are feeding orally for all your feedings now, which means we got to take that nasty feeding tube out. You hate the feeding tube; and, despite the fact that it's taped to your face, you somehow manage to pull it out often. Now you don't have to have it anymore!

Also, you no longer are on any medication, including the fortifier we had to add to my breastmilk to help you grow.

The nurses are feeding you "on demand" now, which means they wait until you wake up hungry to feed you, and they let you drink as much or as little as you want.

I can't believe that you're going to be home very soon. Mommy and Daddy are hoping you'll be discharged by Thursday morning at the latest. That way we can bring you to the Nan's house for Thanksgiving dinner! If that happens, I'm not going to tell the Nan's: Daddy and I will just show up with you as a surprise!

The nurse said that all the nurses and doctors are surprised by how fast you've matured. Apparently they've never seen a baby progress as fast as you. I am so thrilled and so proud! Daddy is too!

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