Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Adorable Daddy

Dear Baby,

Today Daddy and I were watching TV together after we got home from visiting you at the NICU. A Tim Horton's commercial came on where a daughter had just moved away from her parent's, and her parents were in town to see her new place. The father kept pointing out all the flaws about his daughter's new place and the town she was in. Eventually they went to Tim Horton's.

While the father was paying, the mother confided to the daughter that her dad really misses her. Then the father joins them at the table, and the daughter told him to "never stop visiting". The father replied, "I miss you too."

Right after the commercial ended, your Daddy waved it away and said, "No. Bad Tim Horton's. No." I looked over and saw that he was all teary-eyed. He was thinking about when you move out, and it made him sad. I giggled a bit, because you're not even home from the hospital yet.

Isn't Daddy cute?

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