Monday, November 28, 2011

Lvl Up: 3 Months

Dear Baby,

I'm sorry I haven't written much this month. I've been very sick. I need to have my gallbladder out, but the doctors are taking their time booking me for surgery. This past week has been the worst, so we've been staying at Nana's for a few days. We're going back home today though, because Daddy misses us soooo much, and tomorrow is the beginning of his weekend; so he can lose some sleep and not be unsafe at work (Daddy works with big machines so he has to be alert). I feel better today though; and since you're being a couch-bundle, I figured I'd do your birthday message now.

First of all, I called you a couch-bundle because whenever you're happily bundled up in a blanket Daddy and I call you our Baby-Bundle. You're a couch-bundle right now, because you're all bundled up on Nana's couch. Don't worry about being a couch-bundle though. Whenever you're a couch-bundle I tuck you into the corner with a heavy pillow blocking the edge of the couch (just incase that moment is the moment you decide you're ready to roll over and over). I always block you in like a triangle, with the base at your head, so you have plenty of room to breath but have your little body snuggled in place. I also make sure I can always see you for extra safety. You love being a bundle!

Ok, here's the list of new Baby things you've accomplished in the last month:

  • Toys - Not only do you play with the toys that dangle down on your Princess Chair, but you also have a favourite snuggle toy now. The Nans bought you a little stuffed reindeer (Rudolph's girlfriend, Clarice, from the classic movie we'll watch this December) and you love to suck on its ear. You also will hug it sometimes and nuzzle your little face into it.

  • Words - You have firmly decided that "Nah" is your word for your bottle. Whenever you're hungry you fuss and cry out "Nah" until Daddy and I can get the bottle into your mouth...and if we don't move fast enough you start to howl! Now, however, if you're not super hungry, you'll calmly say "Nah" loud enough for Daddy and I to hear, but without the fussing. I think this means you know that Daddy and I do our best to satisfy your needs, so you don't need to panic when you get know you'll get fed. You also call your Choochee "Nee". When you want your Nee, you say it so sadly. It's like you're asking for your long-lost best friend to return to you!

  • People - I think you're starting to learn that you're capable of preferring certain people over others. You're starting to assign "words" to the people you want the most. You've already said "Mama" and "Mah" a lot. That's obviously me, and when you're really upset and crying for me I'm just "Aaaah. Aaaah. Aaaah." You click your tongue in a very definitive way for Daddy (that's because Daddy clicks his tongue to soothe you). You also clearly love Nana! You call her "Nine" or "NieNieNie". You don't have a sound for Auntie E yet, but you make it known that you love her a whole lot too. You love everyone else as well, but I think the four of us are your "favourites".

  • Growth - You've broken 9lbs! Last time you were measured you were a little more than 1 2/3 feet, and you were 9lbs 2oz. Good growing Baby!! You're still very petite though, and we still get lots of adoring fans commenting on how tiny you are. Mommy and Daddy will literally get stopped in public by complete strangers commenting on how cute and adorable and perfect you are. We already know you're perfect, but we thank your adoring fans anyway.

  • Rolling Over - You're able to roll from your back to your side on your own now. You can also roll from your tummy all the way to your back. You still haven't rolled from your back to your tummy yet, but that's only a matter of time I'm sure.

  • Back/Neck Strength - You're now able to hold your head up for super long periods of time, and you love tummy time because you get to show off your strength! You've also been able to hold a sitting up position with no assistance (although I kept my hands close to catch you) for more than 30 seconds at a time. We're exercising your legs now too: I hold you under your arms with your legs touching my lap, and you push back with your legs. They're getting really strong. You should be able to play in your Jolly Jumper pretty soon! You love, love, love sitting and standing now. You love anything that makes you feel like a big girl!

  • Those are the main accomplishments I can remember right now, Baby. I'm starting to get sleepy again. I think I'll join you for a nap on the couch. We can be couch-bundles together!

    Mommy and Daddy love you so much, Baby! Keep growing and keep being the smart, adorable, perfect little (big) girl that you always are! Oh, and keep those huge, adorable smiles coming! Everyone eats those up!

    Thursday, November 3, 2011

    Lvl Up: 2 Months

    Dear Baby,

    Yesterday was the day you were supposed to be born. Now that we're here, I can definitely say I'm soooo happy you decided to come out early. I can't imagine the last two months (and a bit) without you! Staying true to birthday tradition, I'm making a list of all the cognitive developments you've made since your 1 Month Birthday:

  • Laugh - Now with sound! You laugh half the time without sound still, but half the time you make noise now; and it is the most beautiful laugh I've ever heard. I can tell your a happy baby, because you laugh in your sleep almost every night!

  • Toys - You have enough control over your hands now to reach up and bat at the toys that hang down over your Princess Chair (your bouncy seat). You're still gentle and curious, instead of confident and enthusiastic, but that's just because you're still new at using your hands for things and at playing with toys. Every once in a while, though, you give one of them a good smack and they dance for you with vigour!

  • Baby Words - You've started making more coos and gurgles and other baby noises. However, amazingly you've also already assigned a specific sound to your bottle. You call it your "Nah". Daddy and I know your fussing (you never cry unless we keep you waiting for a while) because you're hungry when you yell out "Nah". And, when Daddy or I say, "Hailey wants her Nah? Here comes your Nah." or something similar to that, you calm down and stop fussing for a few minutes while you wait patiently for your milk.

  • Real Words - Your speedy development is actually starting to freak me and Daddy out a bit. True to your nature, you've already said your first word well before it's expected of typical babies. Your first real word is the typical first word: "Mama". Momma's gallbladder isn't working properly, and it needs to come out. One night, Momma had to stay at the hospital overnight, and Daddy says you were crying and no matter what he did he couldn't console you. Then you yelled out "Mama" very clearly, and that's when Daddy realized you were upset because I wasn't there. Daddy and I know babies make "Mah" sounds naturally, but this was no accident. Daddy swears you clearly said "Mama" with no break inbetween the syllables! I wasn't sure I believed him 100%, but a couple days later I was outside, smoking and you did it again. I'm your first word!

  • Those are the main milestones you've reached so far. Your coordination, sound recognition and sight are all developing as well as they should be. You're getting very good at controlling your neck and holding up your head. You're still growing rapidly and are nearly caught up with the full term babies that were born when you were. All the doctors and nurses at the Health Unit and other medical staff that meet you are always so impressed with how healthy you are and how quickly you're maturing.

    Also, you're a brave little girl! You had your first shots today, and you did so well! You only cried for three seconds, and then continued on happily as if nothing happened. The nurses agreed with Momma that you're a superstar (I bragged about how well you did in the NICU to them when we first met).

    Finally, at the Health Clinic, you were weighed. Daddy and I were shocked to find out you've already almost doubled your birthweight! You're 8lbs 1oz. Good growing!