Saturday, January 28, 2012

Lvl Up: 5 Months

Dear Baby,

Wow, time is going fast and you're growing fast too! We haven't officially weighed you this month, but you're definitely over 12lbs! Your facial features are maturing (and you're really so pretty), and your eyes are definitely going green. In the sunlight, there's no blue left in them, just a pretty light green colour. Your hair is growing and darkening, and you finally fit into 3 - 6 month clothing! Since you were born 2 months early, it seems your growth is right on track!

Achievement Unlocked:
  • Hands - You're much more confident in your hand movement now. You move them with purpose, and you can grab and hold things now. You're already trying to hold your Nah by yourself, and sometimes you can do it but momma eventually has to take over. You hold your toys and sometimes you even get them to your mouth to suck on. One of your favourite things to do now when you're tired but not ready to sleep, is to hold my thumb in one hand and my pinkie in the other. Then you study my hand and you make the fingers move. It's good for developing your eye/hand coordination and learning cause and effect. You seem to explore things more with your hands than with your mouth at this point. Honestly, the only time your hands aren't moving are when you're deep asleep!
  • Vocalization - You tell whole, long stories now. Sometimes you'll sit, facing someone, and just babble on and on. It's adorable! You also communicate with baby sounds now, instead of just different types of crying. If you're sitting up and you start to get tired, you make a quiet whine/groan sound to signal that you want to lie down. You still say Nah and Nee (although you've been asking for your Nee less often now). You even laugh when other people are laughing now!
  • Big Girl Baths - We don't need to use your princess tub anymore. You love the big bath. Most babies are scared of it at first, but not you! You LOVE all the room you have to kick your feet and float around. Momma puts you on your back, and keeps a hand under your head, and the other hand under your baby-bum, and lets you float. It's your favourite thing to do. Sometimes, when it's Daddy's weekend, Momma has a bath with you!
  • Scootching - You've started your first mobilization! When you're on your back, you've learned to put your feet down and kick. This way you scootch up. You scootch all over your crib in the morning if you're not asleep, and one time you scootched across the couch so you could lie closer to Grampa. It was adorable.
  • Big Girl Food - I saved the best for last, Baby! Daddy and I knew you were ready to start food, but we waited an extra month to make very sure that your tummy was as ready as your mouth! A week ago, I bought some Rice Cereal pablum-stuff. It's mostly liquid, but it's thicker than your Nah. You loved it! The only reason any dribbled down your chin was because you were smiling so big the first time you tried it! Every few days, I give you some big girl cereal in the evening. That way I can make sure you don't have any trouble with it (because I'm still awake), but it keeps you full longer, so I can get some solid sleep. You still wake up twice a night, but with the Rice Cereal, I can get about four or five hours of sleep before you wake up for the first night feeding.

That's that. You still have a routine that you're sticking to. You're having longer wakeful periods, and you're doing better in your Jolly Jumper. Daddy and Momma are so proud of you. You really are developing fast!

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