Tuesday, September 6, 2011

You Hate Your New Haircut

Dear Baby,

Today the nurses had to move your IV to your head. Unfortunately, it seems you've inherited Mommy's lousy veins. Sorry about that. It took the nurses a couple tries to get the IV in your hand; and, after a few days, it collapsed. Then the IV went in your foot, but it collapsed after a few days too. Apparently the veins in a newborn's head are strong and near the surface, so it's the best place to put the IV.

Bad news though: The nurses had to shave a patch of your hair. You did not appreciate this! You yelled "Mah!" at them and tried to smack their hands. Then you started crying.

I'm sorry they messed up your beautiful hair, but the IV is good for you. It helps keep you hydrated until your tummy is big enough to hold more milk.

Don't worry: You're still completely adorable, and your hair will grow back eventually.

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