Sunday, September 4, 2011

Hospital Notes

Dear Baby,

While you were still at the hospital in Surrey, Nana and Nanny were nice enough to pay for Mommy and Daddy to stay at a hotel right around the corner from you. I wrote a couple letters to you while at the hotel. Here they are, exactly as I wrote them out in my notebook:

August 29th, 2011

Dear Baby,

Today a nurse came in to take out Mommy's IV at around 6:45am. Mommy and Daddy were so excited to see you, that we forgot the NICU is closed from 7 am (whcih is what time it was when we got there, because we had to get dressed, etc) until 8 am for a shift change. We were disappointed, but we're going right back once the clock says 8!

We did come visit you last night when Mommy's epidural wore off, so she could move. Daddy and all your grandparents had visited you right after you were settled in your incubator.

You are so tiny!

Your skin colour is good. You're doing a good job at breathing on your own, so the doctor decided to take your oxygen mask off after only a few hours. You're already moving and making little sounds and you haven't really cried. The nurses all say that, according to your heartbeat, you're a happy baby (still)!

Daddy and I visited you for an hour, but we both had to sleep, so we regrettably returned to our room for the night.

We did learn, however, that you earned a 9/10 on your 5 minute APGAR test, which is amazing for a baby born as premature as you! You must have really wanted to be born, Baby! You were conceived by a girl who had been told she'd never have kids, happily rode out a very difficult pregnancy, and insisted on busting out into the world a little more than two months early! I already love your little attitude. Just like Mommy, you have lots of "hutspah"!


August 31st, 2011

Dear Baby,

Today was a good day for everyone. Mommy started to get a good flow of milk for the nurses to feed you through your feeding tube (which you pulled out of your mouth and throat last night, so it now goes down your nose).

Daddy held you for the first time today; and he loved it so much, he didn't want to put you back in your incubator. The reason Daddy didn't hold you right away is that he was scared that he'd hurt you because you're so small. However, you showed him that you're much stronger than you look: You were holding Daddy's finger in your little hand when you suddenly gripped it tightly and yanked it up toward your face. When Daddy felt how strong your pull was, he realized he didn't have to be afraid of huring you!

You had a good day today too. You finally got your thumb in your mouth to suck on. You've been working on that for a couple days!

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