Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Our Story So Far: The 2nd Trimester

Dear Baby,

Apparently the second trimester is supposed to be the most enjoyable; your early pregnancy symptoms clear up, but the baby you're carrying isn't so big that he/she starts putting immense strain on your body. Well, our second trimester wasn't so awesome. I had boughts of Hyperemesis Gravidarum. Luckily the nurses at the Maternity ward at Abbotsford Hospital were great. Although it took awhile sometimes to find a proper vein, they put me on IV fluids and wouldn't let me leave until I was obviously improved. One night Daddy and I had to stay overnight! However, everytime they checked on you, your heartbeat was a perfect 150 beats/min.

Eventually the doctor wrote me a perscription for Zofran. Zofran is an antineausea medicine usually reserved for people in chemotherapy or with radiation poisoning, but it's being perscribed more and more often for HG and severe morning sickness in pregnant women. It has no side effects on the baby, and it's incredibly effective. The only bad side effect on me, was that I got painfully constipated after a few weeks, but it passed.

In the meantime, on my good days, everything was great. Everyone was getting over their surprise and were starting to get excited. Mommy and Daddy went shopping for all the stuff you'd need (I even kept the reciept from Walmart for your baby book), and we bought me some maternity pants. Nana and Nanny (my moms) bought me some maternity shirts. Daddy and I figured out how to set up the bedroom so your crib and change table could fit, and I even made us a little corner for breastfeeding at nights. It has a bookshelf with spit up cloths and soothers and stuff, an armchair that rocks, and a lamp that isn't too bright (so Daddy can still sleep while you and I feed).

Daddy wound up getting a really great job. He's part of a union (which means good job stability and great benefits), and he gets paid very well. He's thrilled, because now he knows he can provide for you. He's so excited about becoming a Daddy!

At 18 weeks, we had an ultrasound. You were being difficult and had your back to us for most of it, so the technician couldn't tell us what your gender is. However, when the technician turned the monitor so Daddy and I could see you, you waved to us then rolled over and flashed us with your legs wide open. We're pretty sure you're a girl, but we're not 100% sure. We got to have a repeat ultrasound though, because the technician couldn't get pictures of your heart that she was satisfied with. Daddy had to work when it was time for the repeat ultrasound, so your Uncle J (daddy's brother) came with me instead. You were much more cooperative this time, and the technician confirmed that definitely are a girl!

I told daddy that night that we're having a little princess, and a few weeks later Daddy picked out your first name. I liked it because it's not too common, and Daddy likes it because it's not too outrageous either. It was the perfect compromise, and it's a lovely name. About a week later, I suggested your middle name, and Daddy agreed that it was perfect.

Besides the bouts of HG, the second trimester was relatively uneventful. Nana and Nanny have started planning the baby shower for mommy's side of the family, and Gramma has started planning one for daddy's side of the family. We all would have loved to have just one big shower, so the family's can meet, but it's hard getting everyone together on the same day because everyone has such different schedules. The Nans are having our shower in September, and Gramma is going to have one shortly after you're born. You're going to be so spoiled, but in a good way!

Near the end of the second trimester, I set up all the stuff Daddy and I bought for you. All we're missing is your crib and change table, because the Nans want to buy that for you and they're going to wait until closer to the shower and your due date.

That's all there is to mention about our second trimester together, Baby. I'll let you know how our third trimester has been so far in a couple days.


Daddy says: "Hi, Baby! I love you and I can't wait until you're here."

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